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Welcome to Una Voce of Georgia!



Dear Supporter of the Latin Mass:

Una Voce is pleased to announce that a chapter of the international organization has recently formed in Georgia and will work in both the Atlanta and Savannah Dioceses. Una Voce is the oldest and largest worldwide organization that exists to promote and foster the spread of the Traditional Latin Mass, Sacraments, and Liturgies all in accordance with the recent Motu Proprio, “ Summorum Pontificum”. Una Voce started on December 19th 1964 and has grown in to a world wide movement, being established now in 25 countries. We are recognized by the Holy See and have good relations with Rome. Please visit our American web page to see all the resources we have to offer.  Some of the main work that we do is to assist groups in a local parish to ask for the Latin Mass. This includes recruiting a priest who is trained to say the Mass. We also have the ability to offer assistance in helping train a priest in saying the Mass. We will help in training servers and obtaining the liturgical items needed.  We have sample forms and letters to assist a local group in asking for the Mass pursuant to the recent liberalization by our Holy Father. All our work is with the cooperation of the local priests and Bishop. Anyone who is interested in traditional liturgies is welcome to join us. If you are interested in trying to get traditional liturgies in your parish or area then you really need to join. Also if you would like to help us out anywhere else in Georgia please join us. To join and be on our contact list for upcoming events send your name, address, telephone number, e mail address, name of diocese, and name of parish to the Una Voce office above. There is activity all over our state right now and the time is right to get involved. God bless.

Very Truly Yours:
J.D. Rasnick, Esq.
Chairman Una Voce
Georgia Chapter

Picture of a Latin Mass taking place.

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